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G r a n t e c  Engineering Consultants Inc.

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Providing Services Nationally and Internationally.

Grantec  Engineering Consultants Inc. provides specialist engineering analysis and design for the manufacturing, energy, petro-chemical, automotive, marine, offshore, and defence sectors. Our services are provided both nationally and internationally. Our clients range from those based in North America to those as far away as China.

Grantec  technical personnel have considerable experience in the oil  & gas, refinery, manufacturing, offshore, marine, aerospace and defence sectors. The experience of these individuals not only includes application of advanced methods, but also a depth of practical and design experience as well. As such, Grantec is able to effectively and efficiently address a range of challenging issues in a cost effective manner.

The depth and proficiency of our specialists is reflected in their participation in various CSA, ISO, API, and UKOOA standards development initiatives in the areas of structures (fixed, floating, offshore), pressure systems, safety, wind turbines and marine energy devices. Grantec personnel participate directly in the development of ISO Offshore Structures standards at the international level.

Grantec has a depth of experience applying codes and standards such as: ABS, API, ASCE, ASME, BS, CSA, DNV, FABIG, H&SE (UK), ISO, LR, NORSOK, UKOOA, USDOE, to name a few.

Grantec not only has expertise in advanced analysis and design, we also have a depth of experience in the area of fabrication. We have often been engaged to assess failures of structures (land based, marine, offshore and ships), equipment and pressure system components. We have been engaged as experts for failure investigations including those involving loss of life.

Grantec's expertise in the areas of offshore structures and ocean engineering have led to significant involvement in research and development efforts in areas of offshore structures, marine energy converters, and open ocean aquaculture. In addition, Grantec has performed considerable research and development in the area of advanced pressure vessel analysis and design.

Grantec employs some of the most advanced and sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software in the world. We have one of the most advanced installations of ANSYS in North America including: ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise (FEA), ANSYS Fluent (CFD), ANSYS CFX (CFD), and ANSYS AQWA (Vessel Hydrodynamic Response). We also use the high-end Siemens NX (formerly UGS), Siemens NX NASTRAN, and Siemens NX NASTRAN Advanced Nonlinear (ADINA based). Other codes that we maintain include: Solidworks Simulation Premium; Autodesk InCad (formerly NEI Works); and Autodesk NASTRAN (formerly NEI NASTRAN).

Some of Grantec’s advanced FEA and CFD efforts have been featured in: the ANSYS Advantage magazine; Solidworks Case Studies and What’s New in Solidworks 2015; and the Desktop Engineering magazine. With respect to FEA and CFD we perform analysis including advanced dynamics, advanced nonlinear and advanced Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) using fully coupled FEA and CFD.

One of our clients, a large multi-national defence contractor, stated that it is very difficult to find companies in Canada with our level of expertise and quality of work produced. We take considerable pride in the quality of the services that we provide.

Our expertise is reflected in our analysis and design of the Sequoia Detector Vessel for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee. In 2010, Grantec and founder, R. M. Grant, were awarded the 2010 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for the analysis and design of the Sequoia Detector Vessel.

Grantec is registered with the Controlled Goods Program (CGP).

Grantec’s projects have included advanced analysis and design for organizations that include the following:


            Algoma Tankers Limited

            Aquatech International

            Atlantic Tractors and Equipment

            AV Nackawic

            Bateman Chapman

            Charles Taylor Adjusting Ltd.       

            CME Limited

            Composites Atlantic

                DBG Canada

            Dexter Construction

            Dresser  ( DI Canada, Inc. )

                Environmental Simulation Lab (ESL)

            Floating Pipeline Company (FPC)

            GE Dresser

                General Dynamics Land Systems

            Gibson Robb & Lindh LLP

            Government of Canada

            Halifax Shipyard


            Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)

            Husky Energy

            Iron Ore Company of Canada

            Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (ISI)

            Javelin Technologies

            Lengkeek Vessel Engineering

            Lower Churchill Project

            Los Alamos National Laboratory

            MacDonald Dettwiler Associates (MDA)

            Maritime PressureWorks Ltd

            MECO Mitchelmore Engineering Company Ltd.

            Northumberland Dairy

            Nova Magnetics Bergmann Ltd.

            Nova Scotia Department of Energy

            Nova Scotia Department of Labour

            Oak Ridge National Laboratory

            ODIM Brooke Ocean Technology Limited

            O'Halloran Campbell Consultants Limited

            Open Ocean Systems Inc.


            Pratt & Whitney Canada

            Precision Metal Works

            Reinforced Plastic Systems

            Thinkpath Engineering

            University of Idaho

            University of Tennessee - Battelle

            US Department of Energy

            Wave Energy Technologies

            Weir Canada Inc.

Grantec’s areas of specialization include:

            Mechanical Engineering

            Structural Engineering

            Ocean Engineering

            Naval Architecture

            Welding Engineering

            Metallurgical Engineering

            Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)


            Mooring analysis including TERMSIM analysis

                LNG Tankers

            Research & Development

            Offshore Regulation        


            Pressure system integrity, including:


                        Pressure vessel design (ASME, British Standards, etc.)

                        Fitness for service assessment

                        API RP 579 (Levels 1, 2 & 3)

                        Fatigue Analysis, including:

ASME Section VIII Division 2

BS 5500

                        Piping system analysis

                        Marine Riser analysis


            Vibration and Structural Dynamics


                        Vibration analysis

                        Vibration measurement & instrumentation

                        Accelerometer instrumentation

                        Strain Gage (Gauge) Instrumentation

                        Non-linear dynamic response analysis

                        Naval Shock analysis

                        Explosion and blast structural response analysis

                        Ship collision analysis

                        Equipment vibration


Advanced Structures


            Offshore Structures (Fixed and Floating)

            Naval Vessels / Ships




                        Failure investigations

                        Insurance investigations

                        Expert Witness


            Advanced Analysis


                        Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

                        Seismic Analysis

                        Non-linear dynamic response analysis

                        Advanced Finite element analysis (FEA)

                            (Linear, Dynamics, Non-linear, Fatigue, Heat Transfer, Composites)

                        Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

                        Motion Analysis


            Independent Design Reviews


            Provision of specialists for project teams



Grantec employs a wide variety of advanced computer programs such as:


            ANSYS Finite Element Analysis

            ANSYS Multiphysics

                ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise

            ANSYS CFX Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

                ANSYS Fluent (CFD)

                ANSYS Aqwa

                ANSYS SpaceClaim

            Siemens NX (formerly UGS)

                Siemens NX NASTRAN

                Siemens NX NASTRAN Advanced Nonlinear

            Solidworks Simulation Premium

            Autodesk InCAD (formerly NEI Works

            Autodesk NASTRAN (formerly NEI NASTRAN)

            Siemens FEMAP Pre & Post Processing

            Codeware Compress

            COADE Caesar II



            LS Dyna

            NASA FLAGRO (Fracture Mechanics)

            eTank 2000 (API 620 & API 650 Tanks)

            SolidWorks Premium


            Legacy Products

            COSMOSM Advanced Professional (as referred to as COSMOS)

            COSMOSDesignStar Advanced Professional




Some of our other software resources include:


            MathCad (including signal processing and data extensions)


            C++ Compiler


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